Bipolar, Uninvited… (talk about a Girl, Interrupted)



Hi! Take a look around, and make your way to the left menu tab, and check out the blog. My hope for this site is to relay what I have gone through thus far with Bipolar Disorder, and what I continue to go through. Maybe, I will learn new information from you. If we’re lucky, maybe I’ll have something to offer you. Sharing experiences and motivating one another. Mostly, I just plan to chronicle what I go through, and how I’m affected. I believe we have to begin discussing these silent diseases. There must be a narrative, so that we can help each other move forward. Dialogue, so that mental health stigma becomes something of the past. If I help one person, I will have fulfilled my son’s wish and advice. He said I have a way of relating, a way with words. We’ll see. Love to you all. Please share. We all need each other.357278203d7bfcc8c4cfd54b99eb95f4

25 thoughts on “Bipolar, Uninvited… (talk about a Girl, Interrupted)

  1. Way to go Jen! And your son is right: you have a way to connect with people. I have told you all along, there is something very special about you. So glad you are doing what you have set out to do!

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  2. I totally agree with Steven’s assessment also!! You do help others and this outlet will help you too. I know I will be following this blog! Love you sweet friend!

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  3. Love the look of your blog intro/opening Jen. Really liked the first entry I read..have always thought you have a wonderful way with words in dealing with your bipolar life. Hope I can learn from you and improve my own blog which I’ve so neglected for quite a while. Congrats on this new endeavor! 🎉

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  4. Thanks for checking out my blog. I think it’s very brave of you to document your experiences of living with bipolar disorder. My family has also been affected by mental health issues, and it can be a very isolating road to walk upon. Wishing you strength, courage and lots of good, steady days.


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